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How To Identify Genuine Stainless Steel Shot?

Sep 06, 2017

Now there are a lot of Stainless Steel Shot on the market, materials have SUS304, SUS202, SUS430, SUS410 and so on, then how to identify stainless steel shot?

One is using chemical method, to test its chromium content. If it is less than 11.5%, its internal organization has undergone fundamental changes and can not be called stainless steel, no longer have the characteristics of stainless steel shot. Most people think stainless steel should be free of suction and without magnetism. In fact it is not quite correct. Industrial production of stainless steel has hundreds of kinds, mainly classify according to its chromium and nickel composition. Customers can choose stainless steel shot, Cast Steel Shot, or Cast Steel Grit according to the specific requirements. 

Stainless Steel Shot

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