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What Is the Process Technology of Shot Blasting Machine?

Nov 15, 2017

Shot Blasting Machine process technology is an international advanced technology of the machinery parts and components for surface cleaning, strengthening, finishing, deburring. China Shot Blasting Equipment mainly composed of shot blasting, wear-resistant rubber ring, auger, lifting, separator, feeding, cleaning machine and so on. The shot blasting machine technology has been widely used in many industries. It has High technology content function, can design PC control and electrical automatic control, automatic monitoring, automatic protection and steplessvariable speed device. The main principle of compressed air powered abandoned the practice of using shot blasting, the centrifugal force of the projectile on the surface of high speed  projection on the special inner corner blasting, so as to achieve the required brightness, cleanness and roughness, and strengthen the surface to greatly improve the service life of parts and beauty.

China Shot Blasting Equipment

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