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What Are The Requirements of Shot Blasting Machine Descaling?

Sep 02, 2017

Sandblasting derusting is the use of compressed air, the size of the sand will after spray in parts of corrosion on the surface, not rust quickly, can be well prepared for the appearance of coating, sandblasted appearance is clean. Commonly used Sand Blasting methods are dry sand blasting, wet blasting, dust-free sandblasting, high-pressure water sand blasting.

1.derusting quality grade request: all steel surface is necessary to blast or sand blasting to achieve ISO8501-1 (GB8923-88) Sa2.5 level request. 

2.Appearance roughness request control within 35-65μm range.

3.In order to ensure the cleaning degree and the appearance of blasting or spray after the steel surface roughness reaches the rule size. The used Metal Abrasive shall be clean and dry, and shall not be contaminated by organic matter.

4.Compressed air: sandblasting with compressed air, the pressure should be no less than 0.5MPa.

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