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Design Basis of Sand Blasting Room

Dec 16, 2017

The design of Sand Blasting Room should consider both the requirements of current users and various shipping building specifications, and also consider the new requirements of the IMO specification for the painting. The design of Sand Blast Rooms must meet the following requirements:

1.The finishing operation was carried out all day.

2.The process equipment can run without fault at full load for a long time. The design of “no fault” is adopted in both the sand blasting room.

3.The central control system should meet the requirements of simple operation and high automation in the process equipment system.

4.The process system should be advanced, practical and safe.

5.Through the optimization design, to improve the comprehensive cost performance of the system.

6.The economic, reasonable, comfortable ventilation, dust and mist treatment. 

7.The sandblasting and painting production capacity can meet the design requirements.

8.The system equipment not only advanced, complete, but also reduce reliance on ancillary service.

Sand Blasting Room

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