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Does the Shot Blasting Machine Still Have Some Knowledge That We Do Not Know?

Oct 28, 2017

On the surface will have plenty of Cast Steel Shot after blasting, in order to clear the steel shot, we install brush in the Sand Blasting Room for cleaning. Through the second purge of the purge room to clear the steel shot. But in the actual operation, even after two times cleaning, can not completely remove shot, there is still a large number of shots be taken out of the Shot Blasting Equipment. This caused a waste and affect the environment around the machine, not conducive to the shot blasting equipment maintenance. 

Solving this problem, can add a steel shot collection device at the outlet of the shot blasting machine. Steel shot collecting device is collected to be brought out of the shot, put in the shot blasting machine screw, make it into the elevator, so as to achieve recycling and good effect.

Today is the Double Ninth Festival, Kaitai Group wish you have nice day with family.

Sand Blasting Room

The Double Ninth Festival

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