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The Electric Control of Sand Blasting Room

Dec 23, 2017

The electric control system realizes the centralized control of the Sand Blasting Room. The system takes PLC as the core and adopts high quality electrical components. It has advantages of reliable operation, high automation and complete protection functions.

The main power supply of the system adopts 3 phase 380V AC power supply, the control loop adopts single-phase 220V AC power. In order to reduce interference, the power of PLC is supplied by a single transformer. 

The system has a relatively complete failure alarm function, which helps operators quickly find fault points, reduce downtime and improve work efficiency.

The electrical components system are installed in the electric cabinet and the operating table, use the touch screen of the man-machine interface, which is convenient for operation and maintenance.

Sand Blast Rooms electric control system use imported PLC and touch screen control, with automatic and manual two control functions.

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