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How To Design Sand Blast Rooms?

Dec 13, 2017

The design of Sand Blasting Room should not only embody the development level of contemporary painting, but also take practicality as the principle. With the lowest investment lowest running cost, the least maintenance probability and the simplest operation mode as the design goal. 

1.Progressiveness. This is mainly reflected in the high efficiency of the coating, the convenient control, the large amount of dust treatment, and the less dust emission and so on.

2.Practicability: the design of Sand Blast Rooms should first consider its use. Its practicability is mainly reflected in its convenient and reliable use, less failure rate, simple and convenient maintenance, convenient replacement of parts.

3.Environmental protection: the sand blasting room will produce a lot of dust, paint and mist. In the design, we should prevent the leakage of paint, mist. 

4.The air of sandblasted workers should be supplied by specially treated special air, take measure to reduce the noise.

Sand Blasting Room

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