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Kaitai Excellent Sales Team Overseas Learning Trip to Southeast

Nov 09, 2017


On Nov 6th 2017, Shandong Kaitai Metal Abrasive sales elites team started their overseas trip to Singapore and Bali Island. To travel and learn is a traditional way that Kaitai Group reward our excellent staff, sales team’s business abilities will be enhanced by advanced training programs during this travelling time.


The marketing director of Kaitai Group, Mr Wangchao Said:
This year, Shandong Kaitai Metal Abrasive Co. maintains rapid growth in spite of whole metal surface treatment industry recession.Until the end of September, both sales volume and sales performance increase greatly compared with the same period of 2016. This Singapore and Bali trip is an approval and encouragement to our excellent sales team’s hard working, and further will be enhanced by advanced training programs during this travelling time.


We began our trip in Kaitai’s overseas subsidiary Asia Airblast Pte Ltd, communicating and learning advanced sales method and management experiences with Singapore colleagues.

After that, we visited our Singapore customer Sembcorp marine. We had a new insights into customer’s requirements. Kaitai has provided nine sets large sand blasting rooms for several shipyards, and all of these projects are using our steel grits as well.  The customers speak highly of our products and services. 


Until now, Kaitai’s products of metal abrasives, shot blasting machine, manual/robotic sand blasting room and air blowers have exported to more than 40 countries and regions in the world.With the Airblast,Sybrandy,Pumpline and Blastman team joining successively, Kaitai Group has became one of the biggest  multinational corporation in the world ranging  from metal surface sand/shot blasting cleaning and peening equipment,metal abrasive and related services. Join us, let’s make the world’s metal surface treatment better together. 

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