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How To Mix Cast Steel Shot and Cast Steel Grit?

Jan 02, 2018

Cast Steel Shot has good characteristics of moderate hardness, strong toughness, impact resistance, repeat use, long service life, good elasticity, strong adhesion, fast clean sand with low consumption, goo effect technology, etc. Cast Steel Grit is cutting into the pill, it is divided into stainless steel grit, high carbon steel grit and ordinary low carbon steel grit according to different stainless steel wire.

To choose the Metal Abrasive according to steel surface hardness, corrosion degree, the original requirements of surface roughness, coating type and so on. Using mixed abrasive is more easily achieve the ideal cleaning effect. The surface treatment of steel pipe seriously affects the service life of the pipeline, it is also the most direct way to deal with it. Therefore, in strict accordance with the requirements of the anti-corrosion layer on the surface of the steel tube, constantly summarize and improve the surface treatment method of the steel tube.

Cast Steel Shot

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