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20th Anniversary of Blastman - the World’s Leading Manufacturer of Robotic Blasting

Nov 07, 2017

20th Anniversary of Blastman - the Worlds Leading Manufacturer of Robotic Blasting 

It’s a special red - letter day for world Robotic Blasting industry: as the world leading manufacturer of Blasting Robots, 

Blastman’s 20th anniversary is celebrated in Oulu, Finland last Saturday. The general manager of Shandong Kaitai group, 

Mr. Wang Ruiguo, and the general manager of Blastman(Beijing) Robotics Ltd, Mr Jiangjian are invited to attend this celebration.


The general manager of Shandong Kaitai group, Mr. Wang Ruiguo made a speech. He said, “Blastman has been the world leading

manufacturer of Robotic Automatic Blasting Robots, with mature products, good customer reputation, healthy and complete sales network, outstanding staff with good performance, etc. And Kaitai Group is a whole industrial chain company in the metal surface treatment 

industry which integrates with R&D, manufacturing and marketing, with global marketing network, perfect manufacturing capability 

and two thousand  talented employees etc. Sincerely hope Kaitai Group and Blastman join together, following the world trend of intelligent manufacturing, cohering all strength to make greater contribution to the development of world metal surface treatment and create a  brilliant future.  


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