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Four Factors Affecting the Performance of Shot Blasting Machine

Nov 08, 2017

1.The most important factor is the size of Shot Blasting Machine, the larger the shot, the greater the impact kinetic energy. So Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer at the same time of guaranteeing the shot strength, try to use smaller shot blasting as much as possible.

2.The hardness of the shot. It is best the shot blasting hardness is higher than the hardness of the shot blasting machine components, because shot blasting hardness change will not affect the blasting strength, otherwise it will reduce the blasting strength value.

3.Shot blasting operation speed. When the shot blasting operation speed increases, shot blasting strength will also increase, but can not allow shot blasting lifting speed, too fast speed will lead to shot damage.

4.The injection angle of shot blasting. If you want the strength to reach the highest value, the best way is to keep the projectile jet in a vertical position with the spray surface. 

The above is the main factors affecting the performance of shot blasting equipment, operators should pay attention to these points in peacetime operation, so as to better use of the China Shot Blasting Equipment.

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