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Good Cast Steel Shot Determines Its Service Life

Dec 25, 2017

The hardness of Cast Steel Shot determines the service life, its hardness is proportional to the cleaning speed, the higher the hardness, the faster the cleaning speed. The process of manufacturing cast steel shot determines the size, the larger the diameter, the higher the cleaning roughness. But the work efficiency is high, the relative wear of steel pill is larger. 

Cast steel shot is mainly used to clean up the workpiece, correct choice of shot is the key to improve the work efficiency. When using cast steel shot, according to the material and hardness of the workpiece, choose the right one, in order to improve the service life. With higher hardness, the cleaning speed will be faster, but the consumption is big and life is short, so hardness should be moderate, then can get the best effect. China Cast Steel Shot is widely used for descaling and derusting steel before coating, centrifugal blasting equipment be used in this case. Spherical shape and smaller hardness steel shot does not produce large wear on the equipment.

Cast Steel Shot

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